The 1000 Friends of Florida has a legal challenge filed in circuit court regarding the controversial Minto West project. From its website:

“On December 3, 1000 Friends of Florida filed a legal challenge in circuit court . Approved by the Palm Beach County Commission in October, Minto West promises more than 4500 new homes and non-residential development roughly the equivalent of Broward County’s massive Sawgrass Mills Mall.

“Keeping Palm Beach County’s rural lands rural is a high priority,” notes 1000 Friends President Ryan Smart. “We believe this project runs counter to county plans and policies intended to protect rural and agricultural areas.”

“After careful review, we believe the County’s development order for Minto West is clearly inconsistent with several provisions in the Palm Beach County Comprehensive Plan,” says 1000 Friends Policy Director Charles Pattison. “Minto West does not comply with the county’s Rural Tier plan policies regarding the density and intensity of development, roadways, and protection of rural areas in the county.”

Joining in 1000 Friends’ December challenge were ALERTS of Palm Beach County, Patricia Curry and Robert and Karen Schutzer. ALERTS and the individuals also filed for an administrative hearing on Minto West last week, challenging that the comprehensive plan amendments approved by the county last month were inconsistent with state statutory requirements. This earlier challenge will be heard in February of 2015. After that challenge is resolved, 1000 Friends’ December challenge will then be heard.