The Sun-Sentinel has endorsed Dorothy Jacks for Property Appraiser as the most qualified for the position. The paper called Jacks’ opponent Shelley Vana the least qualified. As a county commissioner, Shelley Vana has put developer special interests over neighborhoods. Says the Sentinel’s opinion piece:

“Over the last four years, Vana has cast votes that will bring urban sprawl to what have been mostly rural areas of the county. Neighbors opposed those projects. She didn’t listen.”

“Those votes gave developers far more than rules allowed. Vana also has cast votes that could bring more development to the Agricultural Reserve Area, on which the public spent $100 million to preserve farming. Vana voted to allow development of the former Mizner Trail Golf Course west of Boca Raton, though Boca Del Mar residents strongly opposed it. Typical of her brusqueness, Vana said the decision would bring them certainty.”

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