United Palm Beach County, Inc., (“UnitedCounty.org”) started as a not-for-profit grassroots organization registered in the state of Florida. We were founded by and for citizens who were alarmed at the scale and number of developments being fast tracked and approved across the county, over the repeated objections of residents.


We all travel back and forth on the same roads, share needs for water quality and conservation. Flooding does not contain itself to the borders of one municipality or another. Climate change does not respect boundaries.

Encroaching development in our Agricultural Reserve impacts jobs, fresh, local produce, and one of our largest economic engines. Loss of views of water, of green, recreational space and natural preserves, and historical landmarks in one community have a cumulative effect on the public enjoyment of everyone who criss-crosses the  county for work, shopping, entertainment and natural areas.

New Development is a trade-off. New development never pays for itself, taxpayers  always bear the burden of new infrastructure it demands. Palm Beach County taxpayers everywhere and residents in and around these new developments will always bear the burden of quality of life lost. Empty shops and buildings with “For Lease” signs belie the argument that more, more and more buildings are needed instead of more human-centric planning and re-furbishing of existing structures. A more transparent government should include citizens much earlier in the process of planning,

 — Christine Zambrano