All those homeowners looking forward to June 17, 2017 as the day the current development application ran out of time to start building on Mizner Trail golf course property got a rude awakening.

The Mizner Trail property has received 4 extensions “authorized by the Florida Legislature” that would give the golf course property owners until June 24, 2020, to start building, according to Robert Banks, Palm Beach County’s chief land use attorney.

“The county does not have any discretion regarding legislative time extensions as long as property owners timely notify the County,” Banks told commissioners.

In addition to these extensions, Banks said the owners can also apply to the County for “administrative time extensions” of up to 12 months.

If the extension did not take place, the owners/developers would have to start all over with another development application.

Since winning the re-zoning from a county commission vote 5 to 2 in 2014, after years of bitter opposition from homeowners in Boca Del Mar, the owners of the Mizner Trail property have been trying to flip the property to other developers.

These extensions will favor the developers’ interests over residents who are angry over the loss of their golf and recreation green area that was master-planned into their subdivision. Claims from several homeowners adjacent to the former greens have claims pending against the county over loss of property values under Florida’s Bert J. Harris law.